Personal best trout 30"

King mackerel caught off of Hatteras

37" striper caught on topwater
 spring 2012

New point comfort sunset

49" Red drum
spring 2012
27" striper

25" puppy drum

30" carp

27" Carp

Woody lure I made


evil looking ribbon fish

Ribbon fish!

20" Bass

Rob's 15.5" spadefish
 Sheep chompers
 25" Citation Sheepshead

24.25" Citation sheepshead
 The first of 2 red drum caught that day. 45"
 47" red drum caught on my release reel
Rob Choi with a beautiful 45" red drum
 Alice with a flounder caught at New Point Comfort.
 Ashley Bishop with a nice striper from the York River
 Tautog From the 1st island of the CBBT
 Bass I caught 10 mins before Ashley got married

 My Dad with a nice flounder caught at winter harbor

 11lb 10oz Sheepshead
 Forrest Short with a nice sheepshead he failed to close!
 My Dad with a nice puppy drum from new point comfort
 New point sunset
 Mangrove snapper caught in a pond at pine island Florida
 Alice with a nice little snook
 Alice with a nice speckled trout
 Pine island sunset
 Alice paddling after a SHARK! (look closely you can see the fin to her right)

 Rob Choi with a nice 44" release citation striper
 44" and 45" citation striper. One heck of a double!
 45.5" 39lbs Won a church tourney with it!

Ash with a nice Kiptopeake striper


  1. Man, I'm jealous! You're fishing with Rob Choi! I hope to get to do that sometime in the not-too-distant future! I sure enjoy reading his reports and stories.

  2. Yeah! Rob really gets me pumped up to fish. We have a friendly competition every time we go. You know typical dude stuff...biggest fish, first fish, most fish, fish on the dumbest lure...stuff like that. He is a fishing machine. Sometimes he can keep up with me ;)