Friday, November 9, 2012

Life and stuff

So, over the past 6 months, I've moved twice and got a new job. The first place I moved had no good internet options, so I decided to use my phone as a 3g hotspot... It was not the best, but it worked. I am now in Reedville, Virginia. AKA the middle of nowhere. Internet options are the same...garbage. So here I am, using my smartphone as a hotspot and waiting forever to upload anything... It's pretty discouraging writing updates on my blog when I know it takes minutes just to post a picture or hours to upload video.

Although, other than the internet issue, things have never been better! I moved into a townhouse right on the water... and when I say "on the water," I mean I can walk to the dock without stepping on grass. It goes from my back deck, to a wooden walkway, to the dock! To some people that's no big deal, but to me it's halfway to heaven. I have caught white perch, red drum, spot, and silver perch, right off my dock, not 60 feet from my back door. I only have two full time neighbors out of the 10 units that are here. For the most part, old people show up on weekends from time to time. It is a very peaceful place to live. The fishing is slowing as winter closes in, but I'm looking forward to fishing the area this spring.

My first fish off my dock!
10-11" white perch

Perdy little drum 100 yards from my home.


After bugging the guys at Release Reels for a while, they finally gave in and gave me a job! I went from busting my butt for 8 years doing tile work to working in a machine shop building fishing reels! How cool is that?!?!? Now I'm completely immersed in fishing! I work it, I live it, I play it, and I write it! (I dream it sometimes too.)

So far the job has been great! I have learned tons about CNC machining and keep learning every day. The reels are beyond amazing and I love thinking about how to make them better. We are not a huge shop (yet,) but we have a huge demand and are getting closer and closer to filling that demand every day. I can't wait until we are running 100% and the orders start flying out the door. I can't explain how excited I am to be a part of this great USA manufacturing business! 

Check out this stuff!


Main gears
Pinion gears and thrust plates

Assembly table
Work table Kenny and I built.
Chop saw table I built (It has stain and poly on it now)
1st operation on the reel main case.
 I'm glad I have a new job.
SOLID GOLD!!!!! I mean brass cams.
2nd & 3rd operation on the main more operation to go. Those things are a lot of work!