Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I caught 3 bass up to 21.5" (5lbs even) and 3 smallish pickerel. All fish were caught on a Rapala husky jerk. Sorry for the lazy post. Here are pictures!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Post baby fishing...

Since the birth of my baby son Maxwell Fisher Mayer I've been out fishing 4 times! I'm not going to brag or anything, but I have the best wife ever. Well...I guess I am bragging about that. Don't take that the wrong way though! I love my son and love being around him! That being!

My first trip on the water after my son was at Beaverdam reservoir in search of crappie. I only had a couple hours to fish, but I managed to catch 2 yellow perch. I'll take that by-catch any day! It wasn't a stellar trip, but I enjoyed the time on the water.

The second trip was an exciting one...until it happened. Forrest, Rob Choi, and I fished a private lake for about 4-5 hours and had NO luck at all. That is very rare for this particular lake, because I've had such great luck there in the past. 

I had to head home around noon, because believe it or not I do have some responsibilities. Forrest and Rob on the other hand just went from one lake to the next. I REALLY wish I could have made it out with them because they did very well. How well? This well...Buckets & Chains.

After seeing how well they did, naturally I had to give it a shot. I was lucky enough to have off work for my birthday and even luckier to have a wife that would let me go fishing on valentines day! (Those days are the same for me) 

Having Forrest as a friend is almost an unfair advantage sometimes. That dude can put anyone on fish!

 I got to the lake a little late, but still had about 3 hours to fish. I started by trolling a couple shallow diving crankbaits and picked up a 23" pickerel. Within two hours, all I could manage to get was 3 pickerel (not that i'm complaining.) 



 About an hour til dark I finally landed a small bass on a Rapala husky jerk in about 3' of water. 

Not long after that I hooked a solid fish on a hollow body swimbait. I knew it was a nice bass, but I was surprised to see how fat it was! It was only a tad over 19", but I bet it was 4.5lbs! Chunky! 


As it got darker the fishing slowed down a lot. I ended the day with one more fat 23" Slime Dart (pickerel) personal best so far!

Pickerel slime

I have to stop writing now. Sometimes writing tries to make my brain explode. My brain will asplode soon. 

The rest of this report is coming soon!

Friday, February 10, 2012


There really are no words to describe this...If you've been through it, you understand.

I can't wait to fish with this little guy!

I am truly blessed!

I LOVE YOU Alice and

Maxwell Fisher Mayer!