Saturday, December 31, 2011

Skunk run

My last two trips have been uneventful. I made it out to Kiptopeake once and the York river once. I was using live eels both times, but the only thing I got was boredom.

Although I can say that "The walking dead" on Netflix via android phone was excellent quality at Kiptopeake :) I watched an entire 45 min. episode while eeling and paddling against current. Technology is great! Too bad it cant make fish bite.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Specks, striper, and exciting stuff!

Between work and binge fishing I haven't had much time to write anything. Quite a bit has happened though!

The most exciting news for me of course is my new sponsor Bending Branches / Aqua-Bound! They are a great company with awesome products. Needless to say I am totally stoked to be a part of their pro staff!

I have done quite a bit of fishing in the past two weeks including three trips to the Elizabeth river for some more topwater specks! The main goal was to try to rack up points before the 14th which was the last day of kayak wars. We made a valiant effort, but we ended up a few hundred points short. We had a great time trying though!

The first night at the Elizabeth was with Rob Choi. We started fishing around 9pm on Friday the 9th and didn't plan on stopping until noon the following day...we were not quite as hardcore as we thought. We fished until 2:30am and had to head in due to dozing off while casting. We got to our trucks and took a nap until 6am then got right back to it! At some point during our slumber the winds picked up a LOT, but it did not deter us. I was very fortunate to have my new Bending Branches slice hybrid paddle to help paddle through the wind. We spent the next 6 hours catching trout and fighting the wind, but as always, it was worth it! I really cant remember how many we caught, but most of them were 19" or bigger. I think the biggest was right around 23" and was caught on a skitter walk. I can't get enough of those topwater trout!