Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last couple weeks

I haven't had any full days of fishing lately, but I have managed a few evenings at beaverdam reservoir, one evening at ware point (skunked), and a few hours on the york river.

Beaverdam has been productive every evening I've been. I use zoom super flukes almost exclusively. The pickerel in beaverdam are taking over the lake it seems and they keep breaking off my bass lures. I decided to put a short piece of 60lb mono leader to help remedy the evil toothy jerks problem and stumbled across something great. I found that when tied with a uni knot, the 60lb leader holds the super fluke in place on the hook better than if it was on the regular mainline. Normally I can only land 1-2 fish or get 4-5 strikes on a fluke til it's unusable. If i leave a 1/8" tag end on the uni knot it holds the fluke on the hook fish after fish. Pickerel and bass would almost have to tear the thing in half before I had to change it. I am going to start using the leader on a fluke more often so I can get more use out of a pack of them. If you are only fishing for bass, you can make the lure keep its full action by tying on the uni-knot after tying on you main line. just take the 60lb test tie the uni-knot over the main line and trim the the excess, but remember to keep the slight tag end to hold the bait. I hope this helps!

Today I fished for flounder in the York river under the Coleman bridge on the Yorktown side. I was using a variety of baits, but gulp jerk shad and cut croaker belly strips worked the best. I caught around 10-12 flounder, 4-5 croaker, 1 sea mullet, and 1 oyster toad, with only one flounder being big enough to keep. I was in the process of putting it in my front hatch, but it kicked at the last second and escaped.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BIG sheepshead and spadefish.

I found out that a job got cancelled so it gave me a whole day to fish! I launched from under the CBBT at about 8:30AM and had 2 citation sheepshead (24.5" and 25" Both released) by 11-12 o'clock. I circled around the 1st island looking for black drum but didn't have any takers. I took some frozen sea clams and tried for spadefish around the pilings close to the island and ended up with some nice spades ranging from 11"-16.5"  Total for the day was 2 sheepshead, 6 spadefish, 4-5 croaker, an oyster toad, and a few bluefish. I was lucky enough to have Kayak Kevin call and warn me about an hour before a big front pushed through. Just as I got to the truck the storm hit and it was bad! I heard reports of 60mph winds! Sometimes it doesn't pay to fish that extra hour.