Sunday, September 11, 2011

Variety of fish (including a slam) at the HRBT

I met up with Rob Choi at the HRBT around 10pm to look for some schoolie striper and whatever else wanted to bite (we are a little behind on Kayak Wars). The night started off kinda slow with scattered striper in the light line. As I got closer to the island, I found some schools of some nice trout. I never caught any of the bigger ones I saw, but there were some in the 20" range at least. My first fish of the night was a small grey trout that I caught on my newly created "Woody" lure.
That blood blister is gone...I just checked.
"There's a trout on my boot!"

After messing around with Woody for entirely too long (heh heh), I decided to fish for real. I put on a super fluke and hooked a couple nice striper and more bluefish than I care to talk about (any number of bluefish is too many to talk about). It was really a sub par night to say the least, so at about 1:30-2am Rob and I decided to head in.

On the way back, Rob was bouncing the bottom with a gulp swimming mullet and caught a couple small flounder. I am a horrible flounder fisherman, but I figured sure, why not. Within a few casts I hooked flounder, a sea bass, and an oyster toad. It was better than catching bluefish, I guess.

After just a few minutes, I hooked something nice on a piling right next to the first boat channel. I had no idea what it was at first, but it was strong. I felt head shakes so I knew it wasn't a ray (thankfully). After a nice fight in, on, and around the pilings, I finally got it to open water and landed it. I caught my first puppy drum for the year! I almost forgot how tough they are!

25" puppy drum

After 30 minutes or so, Rob decided to call it quits, but I just couldn't quit quite yet. I continued to fish close to shore and hooked a striper, several small specks, some flounder, and a few small grey trout.

This was all during slack tide, so it was a pleasant surprise. I really didn't want to hang around til the tide started moving again, but it was so close... I kept fishing for flounder, catching a few up to 17.4999" here and there, til the tide started rolling. Once the tide was coming in at full force, the striper came to the light line as always. I wanted to catch as many as I could before I had to leave so I could rack up some Kayak Wars points. They were hitting really well so I decided to use my new lure to see what I could get. It was getting hard to fish because of the wind, but I still managed to catch about a dozen striper up to 27".

It was a good night with a good variety. I caught a bunch of bluefish, several speckled trout, 3-4 grey trout, an oyster toad, a nice puppy drum, 15ish striper, a small sea bass, 10 or so flounder, and a seagull! I was feeling great but it was getting late. I had to be at work in 2 hours and I was an hour away from home so at 5:30am I called it quits. Not a bad night for a weekday!

Less sleep = more fish!


  1. Nice work Justin! That new lure cracked me up!

  2. I remember when I was young and could do that sh@$#%^&

  3. Nice!! That Woody lure looks deadly!!

  4. Nice! much better than last night for me. You should start your own lure company. haha

  5. Very funny! The Woody lure rocks. Just goes to show if the fish are feeding they bite anything that moves. My friend once got a XL GT with the butt of a broom that he put reflective tape on and turned into a popper! It was his favorite lure.