Monday, September 26, 2011

Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel sheepshead and spadefish

First off, sorry about the late post. Its been a couple hectic weeks.

Tuesday the 13th I got a chance to get out  to the CBBT after work. I finished the bathroom and shower tile work around 1pm and took off to Chick's beach.
It's also a steam shower
Recessed niches I built from scratch

Sunset LED setting on a kohler showerhead
Shower head on top, speakers on the left and right, control panel, and 3 water jets.

I got on the water around 2:30 and took off to my favorite spot for sheepshead. I almost immediately caught a small striper on a fiddler crab, which was a new one for me...I guess those things eat pretty much anything.

Within 30 minutes I found just what I was looking for...SHEEPSHEAD! 

After a great fight with several runs that felt like I was fighting a pile-driver, I horsed it in with my release reel and Shimano trevala rod. It measured in at 25"! My 3rd citation sheepshead for the year! I love these fish! As soon as I lowered it in the water it took off with a hard kick and splashed me in the face. No need to revive that one! Did I mention I love catching sheepshead?

 I fished the area for another 30 minutes or so with no luck so I decided to switch over to the spadefish. It was a little more work than usual finding them but I managed to catch three 12"-14" spades. I have a hard time deciding what I like to catch more...spadefish or sheepshead. I'm glad I'm in an area I can catch both in the same day!


  1. Nice work on the bathroom and the citation!!

  2. Yes! We're definitely lucky to have such a great fishery.

  3. Heck yeah we are. Awesome catch Justin, congrats on the citation. Gotta love how those Sheeps fight! I'm going to miss em when it starts getting cold.

  4. The size of ya'll's sheepshead makes me sick :)

    Elite bathroom, btw.

  5. Thanks Chuck!

    We are pretty lucky Alex...too bad we don't have snook and snapper.

  6. Ya'll don't have snapper?

    Bah, snook don't make it as far north as I live in Florida. Gotta head down to like Tampa to get into them.