Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Short trip to the HRBT

I got a short window to fish on Sunday night, so after hearing of some good reports at the HRBT that's where I decided to go. I got there just in time for slack tide which didn't help things at all. I paddled all the way to the island and caught 4 small striper, but then it shut down and I had no hits for the next hour or more. I fished closer to the shore and caught my first ribbonfish on a gulp swimming mullet. They dont put up much of a fight but they are really cool looking! They are like a silver wolf-faced eel. I tried for about half an hour after that with only one small bluefish to show then i decided to head home. Not a very productive night, but at least I caught a new fish to check off the list!

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  1. Hey I wish I had met you at the tourney, great time and great food.