Sunday, August 7, 2011

CBBT spades

Wednesday I went fishing with Rob Choi and Kayak Kevin targeting sheepshead and spadefish at the 1st island of the CBBT. The day started very slow with just a couple of croaker caught while trying for sheepshead. Kevin and I decided to try for spades but the current had picked up which made it very difficult for us. I caught 2 tiny spades before I gave up and started paddling around the island looking for big black drum.

The last time I was there the drum were all over the island, but this time we couldn't spot a single drum. After paddling around the whole island I decided to try for spades again. Kayak Kevin lived up to his name as he slaughtered the spades up to 17" while Rob and I struggled to catch them. We ended up with about 10-12 each with Robs biggest going 15.5" and mine about 14". I think Kevin lost count but I would guess he easily caught as many as Rob and I combined.
 Rob's 15.5" Spadefish

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