Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last couple weeks

I haven't had any full days of fishing lately, but I have managed a few evenings at beaverdam reservoir, one evening at ware point (skunked), and a few hours on the york river.

Beaverdam has been productive every evening I've been. I use zoom super flukes almost exclusively. The pickerel in beaverdam are taking over the lake it seems and they keep breaking off my bass lures. I decided to put a short piece of 60lb mono leader to help remedy the evil toothy jerks problem and stumbled across something great. I found that when tied with a uni knot, the 60lb leader holds the super fluke in place on the hook better than if it was on the regular mainline. Normally I can only land 1-2 fish or get 4-5 strikes on a fluke til it's unusable. If i leave a 1/8" tag end on the uni knot it holds the fluke on the hook fish after fish. Pickerel and bass would almost have to tear the thing in half before I had to change it. I am going to start using the leader on a fluke more often so I can get more use out of a pack of them. If you are only fishing for bass, you can make the lure keep its full action by tying on the uni-knot after tying on you main line. just take the 60lb test tie the uni-knot over the main line and trim the the excess, but remember to keep the slight tag end to hold the bait. I hope this helps!

Today I fished for flounder in the York river under the Coleman bridge on the Yorktown side. I was using a variety of baits, but gulp jerk shad and cut croaker belly strips worked the best. I caught around 10-12 flounder, 4-5 croaker, 1 sea mullet, and 1 oyster toad, with only one flounder being big enough to keep. I was in the process of putting it in my front hatch, but it kicked at the last second and escaped.


  1. Well done JCM!!! We need to hit the water soon man!! I have FRI 8/12 off - let me know!!