Sunday, June 26, 2011

HRBT striper and york river

In the last week I haven't had the best of luck. Thursday night I decided to try to get some points for kayak wars by catching striper at the HRBT. It was a very slow night but i did manage to catch 15-20 striper. Only 6 of the striper were big enough for points, but at least I got some. I was so determined to get points I decided to stay out late... really late. I watch the sunrise then fished for another hour. The night ended with 15-20 striper up to 27", 2 small flounder, and a couple croaker. The drive home was rough, but I survived (though i don't remember most of it)

Yesterday I was hoping to catch some sheepshead or tautog in the york river but it was a disappointing day with only 2 croaker and one oystertoad. No pictures. Blah!

I WILL catch a sheepshead in the york one day!

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  1. Dude, pleeeaaassseee take me under your wing and teach me how to get into some fishing out here, haha. I'm dying to catch some flounder, stripers, or speckled trout (catch/release most of the time). Been in VA Beach for 4 years (USMC) and finally am going to be stateside throughout this summer, fall, and winter - and I really want to capitalize on that by getting hardcore into fishing out here. Contact me if you'd be willing, haha. I own a kayak but I don't know if it's big enough for saltwater. I need some guidance! Either way, awesome blog, I've enjoyed checking it out.