Tuesday, April 5, 2011

YakAttack VISIPole II Review

 This is a gear review for Outdoor blogger network and anyone else that is curious!

Ever since I started kayak fishing, I always had a makeshift light. Although they worked fair most of the time, it seemed like there was always something going wrong with them. At first I got a light that looked like a small lantern. It worked fine for a while, aside from the blinding light reflection off of my paddle. After 2-3 months, it wasn't even good enough for a paperweight. That "waterproof" light rusted in no time.

^^ Pretty Much Worthless lights^^

My second light was some kind of "sea light" (like the light below without the suction cup). I attached it to a CPVC pipe, but after twisting the light on and off for a few months, it slowly messed up the connection. After the connection started to get sketchy, I noticed it would work on and off while i was on the water. I put up with it for a year or more until it just died altogether...another light worthless again.

^^ Not quite worthless but won't last very long^^

I did a lot of research on lights and most of what i found was do-it-yourself kind of things. For the average fisherman that might be OK but you typically get what you pay for. I finally decided to purchase a YakAttack VISIPole II. It's nice and lightweight with a sturdy black fiberglass shaft. I got the base model with No flag or attachments because all I do is slide it into a notch in my 3 rod holder and I don't want the extra drag the flag might create. I noticed that even though it is a very bright 360° light, it doesn't blind me like some I have seen. So far I am very pleased with it and everyone I know says it cant be beat. I'm glad I invested the $40 in it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone that doesn't want to go through the same hassle I have in the past 4 years of kayak fishing.  There are also a few different variations of the same product that make it very versatile. Check them out at http://yakattack.us/index.html

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