Monday, April 25, 2011

Good times at the HRBT!

 Last Thursday I got the chance to get out on the water after work. I got to the HRBT around 9:30pm. It was not exactly what I call the best conditions but it was much better than the last 4-5 times I tried it. I paddled out and immediately noticed the water was nasty and muddy. The clarity was only about 12". It was a little rough and the small waves were very choppy. I thought to myself..."This is going to be another horrible night. I might as well turn around and go home." I'm glad i didn't. It was slow for the first 45 mins or so but i started noticing fish pop up here and there. As the tide came in a little stronger and I made it out a little further toward the island the fishing got better and better. Most of the fish were in the 22-23" range but occasionally I would see a big shadow in the light line. I finally hooked one of the bigger ones just long enough for it to pull me right into the pilings and break me off. After 7-8 smaller striper I finally caught a nice one on a weightless zoom super fluke. After a good battle I landed the hefty 32" striper in my lap. I took a quick measurement, snapped a picture, and released it so I could search for another. Within 15 mins I caught 2 more one small one and one that went 33"! My two biggest striper at the HRBT were both caught within 15 mins on my all-time favorite lure. It was a good night!  :)


  1. Nothing like blood and a thumbs up!! YESS!!!! Say Hi to the wife!

  2. Nice fish and awesome looking blog! I'll be spending quite some time reading through all of your reports :)

    I'd kill to get some stripers like that in the yak.