Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally a tog!

My goal for the day was recon for York River Tog. Its WAY closer to home than the 1st island and I was pretty sure I knew where to find them. I paddled directly to a spot that looked like a winner and within 15 mins I got what i was looking for. I finally managed to use my new release reel for something it was designed for! I got a solid thump and set the hook with excitement. I cranked the fish in with ease so I was expecting a small tog or a big croaker but to my surprise it was a really nice tog! That reel is like a winch! (not wench as i first typed) I know its not a citation or anything but @ 19.5" its my biggest Tog yet! It seems to me that when i catch a fish immediately at the beginning of my trip the rest of the day is horribly slow...that's what happened. After the tog I only managed a couple of oyster toads. I was glad I stayed around to fish with Miles because he landed the biggest fish of his life that night a 37.5" striper!
After reading the report Miles posted I decided to use it because it sounded so good! So here it is!

As I came out of Wormly Creek on to the York, it was a gorgeous night. Slack tide was beginning to ebb out to sea. The sun was just about to disappear below the horizon. I joined, Justin Mayer, who had caught a toothy 19.5" Tog a couple of hours earlier. We waited until the flow picked up before hitting the light line.
After an hour's wait, the tide never did pick up in velocity. The winds died down leaving a mirror surface on the river. It wasn't looking good for catching Stripers. Then Justin tells me there is a 30" fish lurking in the shadow of the light line 20 feet from where I am. I tossed two different topwater crankbaits at the shadow. Twitch the bait. Wait for it. Nothing. Justin tossed a soft plastic towards it. The shadow rolled over on it, but didn't grab the bait. By now, the current had drifted me out of range. I waited five minutes before heading back. As I approached the area, I heard some surface activity behind me. This time I tossed a pearl Powerbait on a 1/4 oz. jig head to the shadow next to the lighted piling. The was an immediate response as the Striper dove to the bottom. I set the hook and the fight was on. This was no schoolie. My reel screamed and my MH rod bent in half. This Striper refused to be caught. It made a run for the open water. Then turned around and headed for the barnacle-crusted pilings. I tightened the drag trying to avoid the pilings. Justin helped by grabbing the stern of my kayak and towed me towards the open water. After a giddy fifteen minutes, I scooped the Striper into the boat. Justin took a couple of photos and the 37" Striper was released.
This was the only fish that night. We called it quits at midnight and headed home. A fish like that makes it all worthwhile.

A week earlier I fished with Ashley Bishop at the 1st island of the CBBT with no luck at all. Ash managed one 16" tog.

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