Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fishing with the wife and puppy!

This past Friday I decided to hit up Beaverdam reservoir to try for some crappie with my wife and Molly (puppy). We started pretty late but it ended up being very productive. We found a spot that was about 8' deep and cast our bobbers with minnows about 5'-6' down (kinda made me feel like a kid). Alice caught the first 5 crappie most of which were small but one was a nice 12 3/4" slab. Molly was distracted by the water the entire time until she finally had enough. She jumped right in the 45 deg water and was immediately snatched up by Alice. Needless to say that cut the fishing trip a little short after Alice was completely soaked from Molly. We ended up with somewhere between 15-20 crappie with only about 5 keepers but we left the fish biting. Not a bad trip for less than 2 hours of fishing.

On Sunday I tried for bass at Beaverdam in the rain. It was a pretty slow day but i did get two small bass on a spinnerbait in about 4'-5' of water. Better than not fishing!


  1. Your wife's expressions and gestures are awesome. Good looking dog too. You lucky guy

  2. Cute puppy! I just got one too but he is a little too small to take out. Great blog! You got a new follower