Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kayak Wars

At the beginning of this month myself and 4 other kayakers (Rob Choi, Ashley Bishop, Forrest Short, and Tim Morris)  formed a team for the kayak wars tournament. Kayak Wars is a year long CPR (catch, photo, release) tournament for different regions of the US. We are competing in the northeast division and the freshwater division. Right around the same time i started working out of town was when the tourney started so needless to say i haven't had much time to fish. Last Friday i finally got the chance to go fishing and possibly put some points on the board.

Ashley and I joined Forrest at a lake in Smithfield  in search of Bass and pickerel. It was a very productive day for Ash and Forrest but for me it was just ok. We fished the frigid water with 6'-8' diving crankbaits in the middle of the lake. Forrest got a couple nice bass (up to 21") and a couple nice pickerel up to 25". I got 1 bass and 2 pickerel. Ash got 7 bass and 2 pickerel the biggest bass going 20"+. It was pretty productive for a February day. At the end i got my first 20 points for kayak wars. Not the biggest start but not too shabby i guess. 


  1. Nice report.

    You'll be putting up big points soon enough.

  2. Glad to see we both are "on line" now!

  3. Nice looking picks and largemouth. Like Rob already said, I'm sure you'll be putting up major points very soon