Thursday, February 24, 2011

HAD to pull an all nighter :)

This past weekend was very tough for me to get out and fish. Saturday would have been fine if it wasn't for the 900MPH winds... Oh well. I was so determined to catch fish that I decided I was going to have to pull an all nighter. I talked to Ric Burnly and Rob Choi about fishing the HRBT and I made up my mind to meet them there. At about 11pm I was en route to the HRBT. I decided to call Forrest to see if he was having any luck. Forrest had caught a few small striper already and it was about 30 mins closer to home so I decided to skip out on the HRBT and I sure am glad i did! I started fishing by 11:30 or so and within 10 casts I broke off my (Rob's) beloved Mirrolure on a NICE striper. Over the next couple hours I caught 2 striper that were 38" and 40"! So much fun! In kayak wars 37" is the trophy size so i ended the night at about 4am with two 40 point fish. Not too shabby! I got home around 5am and made myself some eggs and toast then headed out the door for work at 6. Needless to say it was a rough day at work til 1am Tuesday morning. I am well recovered now so I have to say it was worth it! Less Sleep = More fish! Proof again!


  1. Great session Justin, cheers for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Awesome night of fishing!

  3. I just checked out your blog bass fishing cork! Good stuff. Your bass there look very similar to the striped bass here. I want to catch one! I want to catch one of everything!