Tuesday, January 11, 2011

York river 1/8/11

IT WAS COLD! My gosh it was cold. It was a steady night of fishing from the shore facing the wind. I would say it was 20+ mph NW wind right in my face. I started the night with a fat 24ish" striper about 30 mins in.

I picked up another 20ish" striper about 20 mins after that and then things started to get fun. I set the hook on a SOLID fish. I knew it was a good one as soon as it shook its head. It took off with my lure like it wasnt even hooked. I fought it for about 10-15 mins and my right hand was about to freeze right off my wrist! I finally landed him and went to get the tape measure out of my truck. As i walked up the rocks i about busted my butt cause the rocks were coated in ice. I ran all the way to my truck and realized i didn't even have my tape so i ran back layed my rod on the fish for an estimate. About 30 mins later i get a call from my buddy Chris so I tell him whats going on. While he is on his way i hook another pig that fights even better! Chris arrives with a tape just in time. I measured the fat 41-1/2" Fish and released it. That was my last fish but Chris hooked a nice 30+" striper on a lure he built. After fishing for 4 hours in the sub freezing temps i decided 2 41" striper was good enough for the night. Not too shabby! I left the water slipping up the icy rocks as chipper as can be :)


  1. Oh man. Where has this blog been all of my life? Great stuff, Justin...fish on!

  2. Thanks Matt! I checked out your blog too. Colorado looks like it could be a fun place to fish. Too bad its so far away from the salt...