Monday, June 21, 2010

Mouth of the Severn river and night fishing at Beaverdam

Ash and i went down to the end of Guinea rd. and fished from the mouth of the Severn around to browns bay and it was pretty weak. I had a few hits on topwater but no fish in the 5-6 hours of fishing i put in. Ash on the other hand caught a nice 21" speck on a gulp swimming mullet. It was a whole lot of fishing for 1 stupid speck.

We left the Severn around 8:00 and headed for the rt. 606 side of Beaverdam we launched around 8:45 and fished until 1:30ish. My total was 6 bass ranging from 12"-19" Ashed ended up with 9 bass with about the same size range. Not a bad night on the water.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Alice and I made it out a couple times this past week to do some freshwater fishing in some local ponds. We didn't catch anything really special but Alice did chalk up a new species on the list... a shellcracker sunfish! They are beautiful little fish even though they were tiny. We also made it out to Beaverdam reservoir and she caught a nice sized bass. It was the first fish and also the biggest. Alice wins! ...for now.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Fished the back river from 7:30-1am with only one or two hits. The only action all night was hound fish. they were everywhere! I had one jump in the boat with me that was about 30" long. I couldn't even count how many bumped my boat last night. The trip was worth going out mainly because my buddy Terry caught the biggest hound fish i have ever seen! Pretty much a worthless night other than Terry's one 4ft + houndfish. I think I'm going to be doing more freshwater fishing if the reds and specks don't make a better showing soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today i fished with my dad at winter harbor in Mathews. The place looks like it has a lot of potential but today i only ended up with 3 average sized croaker. My dad on the other hand caught a 20" flounder. All of our fish were caught on gulp swimming mullet. We fished at winter harbor till about 5:30 then headed to ware point and didn't have any luck at all. Fair day at best. I'm just glad i finally got out on the water and caught something.