Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday 10th

The striper bite seemed to be on fire so i took off again in hopes of having another stellar night. I was entered in a local church tourney so i actually NEEDED to catch a good fish. I started a little later than the night before but it didn't seem to make a difference. I made it out to "the spot" and within 30 mins i was hooked up with a nice striper. I boated it and measured it in my lap...43" I figured it would be a good contender for the tourney so i started paddling back. After i got it to the truck i met up with Forrest and measured it again...45.5"! Much better! I couldn't just call it a night after just an hour of paddling and fishing so i headed back out with Forrest. By the time i got back Ashley Bishop had what he said was 40" striper in his boat. Later we found out it was 43.5". Its not easy getting a correct measurement from a flopping striper in the kayak! Ash caught one more soon after i got there that was in the upper 30 inch range and that was all for the next couple of hours. It was SOOOOOOOO cold i don't know how we kept fishing but we made it till around 2am then had to call it quits. Forrest did catch one striper that was about 25" or so but i had enough of the cold and had to head in.

I put the fish on ice and waited till Sunday. There was only 5-6 striper caught total out of 18 boats! Forrest was the only one to get more than 1 fish so he won the prize for the biggest 2 fish. My fish ended up weighing 39lbs even. That is my 3rd 39lb striper in the past 2 years. I just cant seem to break 40 for a weight citation. I won a nice trophy and a $150 gift certificate for bishops tackle! Not bad for a $20 entry:)

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