Saturday, December 11, 2010

6 Big striper and missing sleeves

What an amazing 2 nights of fishing! First off i have to give the credit to Forrest for showing me the secret spots where i got these pigs. Thanks a ton Forrest!
So the night started with 3 kayakers Me, Ashley Bishop and Miles Wong. I finished my 32oz Monster energy drink then we paddled out to our spot around 8pm and dropped our slimy eels. Then we waited...and waited...and waited. Eel fishing is boring but just when you think "This can't be more boring" it is. We just sat and waited for that one moment of the "Zip ZIP!" of the clicker.

Ash was the first to get a hit...and the first to miss one. He was also the 2nd one to get a hit...and the 2nd miss. After about 2 hours of fishing there were a few hits and a couple hook-ups but none landed. Around 10pm Rob Choi showed up just as things were heating up...well the fishing was, not the air. It was in the mid 20's. After 2+ hrs of fishing Ash lost 2-3, Miles lost 2, and I lost 1. Around 10:30 I finally landed a nice striper at 38"!

I was totally stoked but the monster energy drink i had was hitting me case anyone doesn't know its pretty hard to pee out of a kayak. I just couldn't hold it any more. I had to GO. I paddled about 1/4 mile to the shore pulled my kayak up and immediately started shedding my layers...PFD, jacket, camera, phone, and finally pulled my waders down. I soon realized i couldn't go due to a severe case of rumble gut. I had no choice. I took off my t-shirt, ripped off the sleeves, ripped each sleeve in half, and did my business. It was not easy to do on the rip-rap but somehow i managed to stay clean!

I paddled back, dropped my eels back down, and then it was ON! Over the next hour or so i caught a 39", 40", 44", and a 45". The two biggest i caught were AT THE SAME TIME! I've never had a double like that before. I had an eel free lining on one rod and the other was near the bottom. I hooked the 44''er on the free line and got it right to the boat when the other one went off! I landed the one and snatched my other rod and set the hook. After a 10min battle i landed the 45" pig and had 2 citation sized striper in my lap at once! Let me tell you... Its a great feeling having 65-75lbs worth of 2 fish in a 12' kayak :)

After that things got pretty slow. We were getting antsy so we decided to move. Just when we started to move Rob Choi got his first hit and hooked up good. I was right behind him and he took off on a nice sleigh ride. I paddled after him and watched him boat his nice 44" release citation!

After that the night was pretty slow. Ash had the last hook-up but again lost it at the boat. After almost 10 hours of fishing in sub-freezing temps we had enough. Total for the night was 6 fish. 5 for me and 1 for Rob. It was my lucky night:)


  1. Good times. I totally forgot about the sleeves. Haha!!!

  2. Dude, those BG'S suck. Way to man up and stay clean at the same time!!!

  3. Congrats Justin. I'm still waiting for the ice to breakup so I can launch. One of the drawbacks of being a freshwater basser.