Monday, November 8, 2010

Tautog and a ridiculous paddle.

I don't know why i do the things i do sometimes...Like eat lots of fried food even though i know its bad for me or buy a new "toy" when i know I'm already broke.

According to the forecast it was going to be windy but I thought "They're ALWAYS wrong!" So i went anyways. I ended up paddling into 15 mph+ NE winds (just like the weatherdude said) for over an hour to get to the first island. It got calm while i was fishing (just like the weatherdude said). Then just before I head back the wind spins around and comes right at me blowing 15 from the south (Yes...just like the weatherdude said). It ended up taking over an hour and a half to paddle against the wind and current on the way back.

Its almost like I'm punishing myself on purpose...but in reality I'm just addicted to the thrill of the catch.

...oh yeah i caught 12 Tog ranging from 12''-17" and a Pigfish.


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