Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So work was slow and the water was like glass. Easy choice for the day! I packed my stuff and headed to the the 1st island but got stopped in traffic. The most calm day i could imagine and of course i get caught 200yds from the HRBT tunnel. I sit for maybe 5 mins and decided "what hell... why not cast some?" So i get out of the truck, get my rod, cut off the tog rig, and tie on a jighead with a paddle tail gulp. A few people laughed and one guy said "Got another pole?". I was fishing for about 10 mins and hooked either a striper or a speck in the 18-20" range, but it let off when it got to the surface. Another 15-20 mins go by and i hook another fish but this time i got it in! I grabbed my line and hand over hand i pull up a 14"ish flounder! Nothing special on any other circumstance but this is one of my most prized catches so far!

After nearly 2 hours of traffic i got to the first island WAY too late so i only had about an hour and a half to fish before it got too dark for tog. I hooked a good tog that came unbuttoned and caught one small puppy drum then...nothing. Oh well It was worth the flounder!


  1. As many times as I wished I could do that, I'm glad you proved that it's possible.

  2. I sometimes think the weather guy is trying to stick it to me personally. Then there's always the tunnels, bridges, and unexpected ramp closures we all love.