Thursday, October 14, 2010


Got out at the ramp at 8ish and fished till around 1:30am. The light line was kind of weak at first so after only getting one small striper i tried for some flounder. I ended up catching 8 flounder ranging from 14"-18". After a while like clockwork the tide started ripping and the striper showed up in the thousands. I picked through them and got some solid fish in the 22-24" range. The highlight of the night was talking to the construction workers on their lift and giving them some striper i caught. Also i watched a guy troll a lure with a tuna reel. It was funny as hell! I could tell he snagged something because his bait clicker went off like crazy but you could hear the clicking slow as he slowed. He came to a stop and so did his clicker then he "set" the hook. It didnt move but he continued to pull as hard as he could bowing his broomstick till POW! He snapped off his monster..."rock". Funny stuff happens out there. Good times.

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