Friday, July 23, 2010

Nice day at beaverdam turns evil!!!

Alice and i fished Beaverdam for a couple hours on Sunday the 18th. It started off just a little breezy and very sunny. We paddled back into a cove to get away from the wind and i caught a small bass on a sinko. We decided to head across the lake to try another cove and paddled against the light wind for about 10 mins. The cove was nice and calm but the clouds were getting a little dark and we could tell a storm was coming. I said "It's OK, the storm is still quite a ways away." Soon after that comment KA-BOOM! a bolt of lightning flashed not far away. We started paddling out to the main lake and made it just out of the cove when the rain hit. It started off with a lot of wind (in our face of course) and just a little rain. Then it hit... HARD rain and wind pounded us as we paddled across the lake. Alice is new to kayaking so her arms started to give out around the same time she said "I JUST WANTED TO STAY AT HOME AND GO THROUGH WEDDING PICTURES!!!" :) I had to laugh on the inside after she said that. The wind never let up at all so i decided to tie her kayak to mine and tow her in. At this point the wind was kicking up white caps. White caps in a lake!!! I dont think i have ever seen that at Beaverdam before. We made it to the shore line but not the ramp. We both took off toward the overhang at the lodge to hopefully wait the storm out...not gunna happen. I decided to run to my truck and drive it around to pick up Alice and the kayaks. I make it to my truck and drive halfway around then realized the gate was already locked to the lodge entrance. I took off toward the ranger station to get the ranger to unlock the gate but he was less than helpful. I knocked on the door and he opened up and immediately said "I was about to close up, good thing you got here in time". The park closes at 8:30 and it was only 8:15-8:20. I told him quickly "Can you unlock the side gate? I couldn't paddle to the ramp because of the storm" he just looked at me like i was stupid and said "I aint goin out in that Sh*t!" so i just said "OK. just give me the key and i'll bring it right back!" Big belly jerk said "I cant let you do that." Angry at this point i said sternly "My wife is sitting out in the storm...just give me the key!" He wouldn't budge and just told me to wait out the storm! I run back to Alice and told her what happened so we waited a little longer but it was no use. The storm showed no sign of going anywhere. We both ran to the truck in the lightning storm and pulled up tot the ranger station again and asked him one more time but he simply replied "cant you just drag them over here?" Too pissed to argue i said "yeah i guess!"so i ended up dragging the two kayaks 150 yards to the truck in the pouring rain, lightning, and 40-50mph winds. I am still pretty pissed at him. I guess i need to call parks and rec to talk to his boss...

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