Saturday, July 31, 2010

Got me a citation Sheepshead!!!!!!!

Good times at the first island of the CBBT! I got out on the water around 1pm with 4 dozen fiddlers and a good attitude! I had a great breeze at my back which made the paddle nice and easy. I picked a random piling and dropped my fiddler down and had a hit immediately. I only moved pilings a few times but there was no point in moving because i caught all my fish on the same piling. The first couple fish i hooked were stupid little oyster toads...i hate those things! Within 2 hours of fishing i hooked into something solid. I knew right away it was a good one. I had my drag nearly as tight as i could get it but it still stripped my line out like crazy. It pulled so hard my rod doubled over and rested on the side of my kayak nearly tipping me over. After about 5 good runs from the surface to the bottom i finally landed it. I knew it was near citation size but wasn't positive. It ended up going 24'' 9lbs 6oz. Just 10oz shy of a citation. I was much more lucky on the next one. It started to get a little windy from an obviously nasty storm but i still had a bunch of bait. I HAD to use it up right? Within 15mins i hooked another good one. It fought just like the first but as soon as it came to the top i knew it was WAY bigger. I ended the day with a 9lbs 6oz and a 11lbs 10oz Sheepshead. along with 8 stupid oyster toads. Not too shabby for just 4 hours of fishing!!!

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