Monday, June 21, 2010

Mouth of the Severn river and night fishing at Beaverdam

Ash and i went down to the end of Guinea rd. and fished from the mouth of the Severn around to browns bay and it was pretty weak. I had a few hits on topwater but no fish in the 5-6 hours of fishing i put in. Ash on the other hand caught a nice 21" speck on a gulp swimming mullet. It was a whole lot of fishing for 1 stupid speck.

We left the Severn around 8:00 and headed for the rt. 606 side of Beaverdam we launched around 8:45 and fished until 1:30ish. My total was 6 bass ranging from 12"-19" Ashed ended up with 9 bass with about the same size range. Not a bad night on the water.


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