Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long Friday 5-7

The goal was to hit the Fisherman Island shoals for reds but the 15mph east wind made me think twice so me and Ashley hit up the ships for some catch and release tog. We caught 3 a piece biggest going 16" and I also caught 2 sea mullet. After 2 hours of nothing we left and went to oceans east to get some flukes and other freshwater stuff we didn't bring so we could try Smith lake. I bought a Daiwa coastal baitcast reel (nice smooth drag and casts great) and my first fish on it was a 21" 4+lb bass. caught 1 other bass about 15" and ash caught one about 12". We left the lake around dark after missing a couple topwater strikes and headed home. I was ready for a shower and some sleep when all the sudden...Forrest calls..."Wanna try the HRBT Justin? you'd be stupid not to!" so we paddled out into the 20+ mph winds and fished till around 1am. Ended up with 5-6 schoolies up to 24ish. I would have got precise measurements but if i took the time to measure them i would have ended up at the CBBT in 1.72 mins. Awake from 630-3am or so. 14+ hours of fishing! I call that a good day!!!


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