Monday, May 10, 2010

HRBT 5-4-10

I had another fun night of schoolies at the HRBT on Tuesday. I went out to meet up with my friends Rob Choi, Jeff, and Jason. As i was crossing the bridge i saw at least 4 kayakers on the water then 3 more at the boat ramp. I paddled out with Jeff and Jason who both had Hobie kayaks with the mirage drive. Those things are fast! I managed to keep up, though i think they were holding back some. I picked up a couple small croaker soon after arriving then gave up on the bottom to look for some light line action. Just like clockwork the tide started ripping and the striper started to show in full force. I tossed my >insert any lure here< in the light line for a while and caught around 20 schoolies. The 3 biggest were 26", 26", and 27". Unfortunately I also caught 4-5 bluefish but hey you cant avoid them forever. All in all it was a pretty fun night. Everyone got fish and i met a couple cool hardcore dudes that drove down from around Roanoke for the night! Can you imagine driving over 4 hours to fish the HRBT then drive back home???? Sounds crazy, hardcore, and awesome!! If you ever meet Jared Key or Joe Lackey give em' a high five for being hardcore!!

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