Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tog fishing again 4/10

I had a great time out on the water in the concrete ships at Kiptopeake this past Saturday. I fished with my buddy Terry for tog inside and around the ships. It was a pretty calm day and clear as can be (which is not usually the best weather for catching fish). All and all it was a slow day but fairly productive with the total going 3 Tog ranging 12"- 14" for me and 4 Tog ranging 12"- 18" and one oyster toad for Terry. At first clam was the only bait working but as the day progressed the fiddlers started working best. One fun part of the day was when the dolphin showed up. There had to be a hundred or more out there. I had to get some pictures so i paddled out to meet them and got some nice video footage. One of them even jumped for me! Another great day on the water!


  1. um.... that guy in the middle picture is freakin HOT!!! Can you let him know I'm interested... seriously....

  2. That's a great picture of me. I look like a homeboy with my eyes shut and my hands held out like that. To the person above, sorry lady. I'm already taken. Get your own!