Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tog, bass, more bass!

Never ending pilings.

Luckily i had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off so naturally i went fishing! Thursday i decided to hit up the 1st island of the CBBT for some tautog. As soon as i got out on the water i saw Lee Williams and "Kayak" Kevin Whitley Heading in. They had pretty good luck with about 15 tog between the two of them. I talked to Kevin for a few minutes and decided to start my long voyage to the island. I have a word of advice...stick close to the pilings while paddling out there otherwise you will be way off track in no time without even knowing it. That current is fast! It took me about an 45 mins. to an hour to get out there but it was a calm day so i enjoyed the paddle. There were five other kayakers there when i arrived. I met two of them and forgot both of their names already. Nice guys though! I had all the same bait I've been carrying (clam, blue crab, and fiddlers) and yet again the fiddlers were the best bait. I had several hits when i first dropped down and even broke one off. I HATE breaking fish off. One thing i hate more than breaking off fish is having to cut a snagged anchor. The good news is i learned two good lessons... make your leader longer than the rocks are tall and make sure your breakaway on your anchor is actually weak enough to BREAK AWAY. Barnacles and braided line are archenemies and the barnacles always win the fight. I lost two fish that way. Needless to say i wont make those mistakes anymore. I ended the day with a nice sunset and a 16 1/2" tog.

Friday i fished in a private lake with my friends Forrest and Ashley. It was a great day on the water. I burned my arms and feet but also caught 15 bass and 3 pickerel. All the fish were caught on white zoom super flukes. I got some really nice top water strikes too! Most of the bass were about 16" but the biggest was 18". I cant wait to try it out again! Thanks Forrest!

On Friday i bought a Go-pro video camera that Forrest won in a tournament but i didn't get batteries for it till Saturday. Before going to my buddy's cookout on Saturday i went to Beaver dam reservoir and tried out the new camera. It works great! I got shots of the two bass i caught and an underwater shot of some bream.


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