Monday, April 26, 2010

HRBT Thursday

Chase and his first light line experience.

One fish two fish no red fish but a bluefish!

I met my buddy chase out at the HRBT on Thursday. My original plan was to try for tog but i couldn't find any deep areas with structure so i didn't find any tog. I gave up on the tog and headed back towards the ramp and picked up a bluefish while trolling. As i got close to the shore i saw the surface exploding with bait fish and the blue fish busting them hard. I caught about 10 bluefish in the 18"-20" range. One of the bluefish decided to get a case of lockjaw on my left index finger. It was pretty painful and i had to cram pliers in the side of its jaw to pop it open and let my finger breathe. I hate bluefish! Later that night another bluefish kicked my pliers out of my hand into the water. Stupid animals. I fished the light line for a couple hours and the grand total was 10-15 striper, 12-15 bluefish, 2 hickory shad, and 2 croaker. Not a bad night. I'd still rather catch a BIG RED!

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