Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eastern Shore

I saw a report on Tidalfish.com forums that said the bull red drum are in the Fisherman island shoals! For some reason there still isn't any work so i made my mind up fast. Turns out I'm not as hardcore as i thought. I paddled out to the shoals and dropped anchor but the current was rippin. It kept pulling me closer and closer to the breakers and it was jerkin me all around. I fished for about an hour but I'm sorry people...i got nervous and left. On the way back i got caught in a large breaker and surfed it for about 10-15seconds. In case you've never done that 15 seconds feels like 2 minuets on to of a wave. It scared the crap out of me but at the same time the adrenaline was awesome. I decided to go back turn on my camera and catch another wave. It was nothing compared to the first one but fun none the less. After i got back to shore i searched the marsh for fiddlers so i could use them for tog at the ships. caught about a dozen and headed out. The wind died down to nothing by the time i got to the ships so it ended up being a nice calm evening. Caught 3 small tog on blue crab and fiddlers within 2 hours...no keepers.


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  1. Nice video. What camera is that again? Surfin' those waves will certainly raise the pucker factor.