Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Piscataway creek again and again!

I fished the Piscataway creek today and it was totally miserable for the first 2 hours or so. The wind was almost unbearable and I only caught one crappie. I noticed some bait up close to the shore so i scooped a minnow up with my paddle and put it on a float. I used the live minnow at various depths for about an hour with no luck so i decided to put it right on the bottom. The minnow died so naturally a small catfish picked it up. At this point i had 2 small fish in 3 or more hours of fishing. Blah! I was about to call it quits so I figured I'd just fish my way back to the ramp. The first place I cast to was a dock in about 6 foot of water. I immediately hooked a small yellow perch. A few more hits there made me realize they were holding tight to structure. After that it was game on. I fished several docks and other submerged structure and caught a bass, more crappie, white perch, and a few more yellow perch. 14 fish total with 7 keepers. Ended up being a fairly productive day! So just when you are about to give up...try just a little harder. I usually do my best at those times.

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