Sunday, February 21, 2010

Freshwater Fishing!

i cant take credit for all of those fish...the first 2 from the right were Terry's:)

yellow perch and crappie from the piscataway creek! Most were caught on a double rig 1/16th oz. 1" chartreuse grub and 1/16th oz. 1" white grub. 2-3 were caught on live shiners. the presentation was painfully slow but it payed off!


  1. After I saw your pictures on the WKFA forum I wanted to pack up the yak and go find some panfish. Excellent perch and crappie!

  2. thanks dude! it was slow going and the water was cold but i managed to pull some out of hibernation! all the perch were full of little 1/2"-1" crabs. not sure what kind but i took a note of that. i know what im gunna try next:)